Monitoring Vital Signs of Human Hear Based on IOT


  • Kadhim Takleef Kadhim
  • Ali M. Alsahlany
  • Salim Muhsin Wadi
  • Hussein T.Kadhum


In this paper, the design of a device to monitoring the heart rate and the level of oxygen in the blood (Spo2) in real-time from anywhere as vital signs to represent heart disease by using internet of things (IoT). The size of the designed device is small and can be wearable on the human body, anyone using this device can move during monitoring vital signs of heart. In this study, the sensor type used is the MAX30100 connected to the microprocessor (ESP32). The device measures heart rate and Spo2 values to the patient and sends the measured values to the server by using the MQTT protocol via Wi-Fi technology. The doctor or the person who monitors the patient’s status can access the measured data through a program that has been designed. This program is installed on the phone or computer to display the measured data in real-time.