About the Journal

Al-Furat Journal of Innovation in Electronic and Computer Engineering (FJIECE) (ISSN 2708-3985) is international, open access, interdisciplinary, quarterly, and double-blind peer-reviewed journal published by Al-Furat Al-Awsat Technical University (ATU)/Republic of Iraq.  It is dedicated to highlighting the latest knowledge development in computer and Electronic Engineering sciences and all their related subfields.

The FJIECE Journal will release four Issues on the 1st March, June, September, and December.   

Why publish with FJIECE?

Here are just a few reasons to choose FJIECE to publish your valuable work outcomes:

  • The FJIECE name is synonymous with high-quality information for the latest innovations in Electronics and Computer Engineering sciences.
  • FJIECE offers premier project management, editorial, and production services.
  • As a small, niche publisher, FJIECE offers highly personalized attention to its authors throughout the publishing process.
  • FJIECE offers comparable publishing agreements and royalty rates of larger commercial publishers.
  • FJIECE provides free and barrier-free access to the full-text of all published articles in a journal Worldwide.
  • Networking opportunities with other Furat Journals such as FJIMSE, FJIAS, FJIHMS, FJIMS.
  • The advantage of FJIECE's publishing partner network of co-publishers, resellers, and distributors.
  • All FJIECE accepted articles will be indexed in Google scholarI-Scholar, and J-Gate electronic databases.  
  • Extensive resource tools for authors.